Now showing: Episode 5

Latest episode: 543

Country: Japanese

Actors: Meisa KurokiOikawa Mitsuhiro

Genres: Drama

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Movie plot

A homeless person wakes up and finds a bag. The bag contains one million yen in cash. Soon, the money is being recirculated into the public. The money though is discovered to be counterfeit though done with high quality. Who and why did someone leave the counterfeit notes for the homeless? Detective Erika Miyazono (Meisa Kuroki) goes undercover at a jewelry store to investigate the store’s connection with money laundering. During her investigation, Detective Erika becomes aware of a big money investor, Nonomiya (Mitsuhiro Oikawa). She tries to approach him. To find the source of the counterfeit notes, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department summons a specialist on counterfeit money. Meanwhile, even though Detective Erika becomes involved in Nonomiya’s plan, she comes to know his true purpose.

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