Beauties Of The Emperor

Beauties Of The Emperor

Now showing: Episode 32

Latest episode: 323130

Country: Chinese

Actors: Bai ShanChen Qiao EnJiang Yi YiLiu Jia YuanLuo JinMabel YuanMing DaoSophia HuYang Rong

Genres: Historical Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

A saga of passions unfolds in this epic tale of romance at the heart of the historical Chu-Han contention, one of ancient China’s most defining moments. Xiang Yu (Ming Dao), leader of the Chu, wages a civil war against Han ruler Liu Bang (Luo Jin). But he must balance his ambitions with the love for femme fatale Lu Zhi (Chen Qiao En), the future empress of the Han Dynasty — and the future bride of Liu Bang. What unfolds is a dramatic evolution of how one man loses (or sacrifices) his power, all in the name of a love of dynastic proportions. –DramaFever Men change the world, but women change men. Based on the events of the Chu-Han Contention, what begins as an innocent romance in youth becomes the first in a chain of events surrounding the rightful ruler of the Imperial Throne – Yun Kuang (Ming Dao) or Hai Tian (Luo Jin). However, in the hearts of men nothing is ever truly black and white, and the common ground between them is found in the love of a woman, Lu Er (Chen Qiao En) – who becomes the eye of the storm.

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