Catman (2021)

Catman (2021)

Country: Chinese

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

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Movie plot

Liang Qu is a chic, confident, and cold but charming half-cat, half-human. He became a catman when an older catman accidentally bit him while in the form of a cat, and it needs 9 years for him to be human again, without anyone knowing his secret and without falling in-love. His first love Miao Xiao Wan, is an honest woman who’s created an app that translates cats’ sounds and language, but unexpectedly brought massive problems since its release to the market. She then seeks help from Liang Qu, who is now a cat researcher.
Also known as: 我爱喵星人 , I Love Catman , Wo Ai Miao Xing Ren

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