Doubtful Victory

Doubtful Victory

Now showing: Episode 40

Latest episode: 403938

Country: Korean

Actors: Choi Won YoungIm Hyun Sik

Genres: Crime, Thriller

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Movie plot

This drama is about a fake detective punishing villains and discovering who he really is. Oh Il Seung (Yoon Kyun Sang) was wrongly accused of a crime and imprisoned, and has spent ten years on death row. He manages to break out of prison and somehow becomes a fake cop, then sets out to find a hidden stash of 100 billion won (nearly 100 million dollars) on behalf of criminals who will supply him with a new identity upon receipt. He has three days to find the cash and begin his new life. Meanwhile, Jin Jin Young (Jung Hye Sung) is a detective. She became a detective to reveal the truth behind her father’s death.
Also known as:Questionable Start

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