Movie plot

A love story between a woman and a man who take revenge to recover neglected justice and lost families.
Gi Yun is the intelligent and handsome chairman of WJ Entertainment. He projects an image of being the ideal romantic and successful figure, but harbors a concealed ambition and a troubling secret. His wife, Shin Ju Kyung, experienced a rags-to-riches transformation by marrying Gi Yun, resembling a modern Cinderella. Initially a thriving mother and wife with a successful career, her life is abruptly shattered by an unforeseen event.
Jung Woo Hyuk, a fledgling actor at NA Entertainment, has overcome the challenges of a struggling agency to pursue his acting dreams. Missing his mentor Ju Kyung, who vanishes suddenly, Woo Hyuk’s world shifts when Seo Hee Jae, a woman strikingly similar to Ju Kyung, enters NA Entertainment. As Hee Jae deliberately approaches Gi Yun, Woo Hyuk grapples with confusion.
Amidst these intertwining threads, the questions loom: Who is responsible for her downfall, and how will she reclaim the life she once had?
Episodes: 100
Director: Park Ki Ho [박기호]
Also known as: 우아한 제국 Uahan Jeguk

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