Gong Zi Mo Shang Xiang (2023)

Gong Zi Mo Shang Xiang (2023)

Now showing: Episode 24

Latest episode: 242322

Country: Chinese

Actors: Li Ming Yuan (1996)Yang Fu Yu (1995)Zhu Hai Jun (1973)

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Web Series

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Movie plot

Tong Zi Fu, a animal hand-illustrator, accidentally entered her comic work and met Wen Jing Zhan, the first painter in Beijing. Wen Jing Zhan, who only wanted to join the army, mistakenly thought that Tong Zi Fu was a spy sent by his father, and in the process of getting along, the two resolved misunderstandings, and soon starts to trust each other, and solves each others problems.
Episodes: 24

Director: Hao Li Yu
Also known as: 公子墨上香 The Magic Pen

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