Gumiho Tale of The Foxs Child

Gumiho Tale of The Foxs Child

Now showing: Episode 16

Latest episode: 161514

Country: Korean

Actors: Han Eun JungJang Hyun SungKim Jung NanKim Woo SukKim Yoo JungKim You JungLee Tae Ri (1993)Seo Jun YoungSeo Shin Ae (1998)

Genres: melodrama

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Movie plot

The legendary gumiho or nine-tailed fox, Goo San Duk, leaves her husband after his betrayal renders her unable to shapeshift. She takes her nine-year-old daughter, Yeon Yi, who has yet to gain the ability to use her gumiho powers, to a village in order to protect her. As Yeon Yi turns ten, her physical transformation begins, putting her in increasing danger of being discovered by her neighbors.
Also known as:Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho / 구미호: 여우누이뎐

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