Hospital (2020)

Hospital (2020)

Country: Taiwanese

Actors: Austin Lin (1988)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

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Movie plot

As soon as the ghost gate was opened, at 0:00 in the morning, in Taiwan’s largest haunted hospital – Xinglin Hospital, four people were looking for relatives. Led by Tainan’s most prestigious master and his disciples, Xiao Ling and Miao Ru, each with their own ambitions, stepped into the hospital without hesitation, and the past that had happened here rushed in the front of them. Unexpectedly, the hospital’s yin qi was too heavy, and the pressured four people couldn’t breathe; the unincarnate resentment was entangled, the life and death of the four people were at stake.
Also known as: 杏林醫院 , Xìnglín yīyuàn , Xinglin Hospital

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