If Paris Downcast

If Paris Downcast

Now showing: Episode 48

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Country: Chinese

Genres: Drama, melodrama, Romance

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Movie plot

Ruan Man Jun (Kang Ching Zi) is a lawyer. At the request of her boyfriend, she helps his company escape bankruptcy, inadvertently violates the law and gets in deep trouble. Not only is she disbarred and her lawyer license revoke but she also has to serve time in prison. When she is released the next day, she learns that her boyfriend’s getting married to someone else, it crushes her to the ground. Deciding to start her life from scratch, she gets a job at a trading company. There she meets Tong Kyaw Yao (Zhang Han), who, despite everything, will be always by her side.
Also known as:Ru Ruo Ba Li Bu Kuai Le , Paris is Not in a Good Mood , 如若巴黎不快樂 Rhiannon on Instagram: “⁣Let’s talk about writing processes 😏 ,

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