Iron Bag Mr. Woo Soo

Iron Bag Mr. Woo Soo

Country: Korean

Genres: Drama, Friendship

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Movie plot

Woo Soo grew up as an orphan. His life was full of anger, exacerbated by being poor. One day, Woo Soo meets some kids. The children makes Woo Soo realize that even though he is poor, he can still share with others. This changes his life. Woo Soo works as a delivery man for a Chinese restaurant. He makes $700 dollars a month. He shares his earnings with the kids. Woo Soo hears someone say “thank you” for the first time to him. He cannot possibly be any happier. Things abruptly come to a halt when Woo Soo gets involved in an accident.
Also known as: 철가방 우수씨 ; Iron Bag Man , Chulgabang Woosooshi

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