It Stopped Raining (2020)

It Stopped Raining (2020)

Country: Japanese

Actors: Eto Misa (1993)Miura Toko (1996)Nakano Taga (1993)

Genres: Drama

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Movie plot

Yukisuke, a young, leggy bio-archeologist, gets to know Koyomi, a young land, selling Taiyaki on the street, similar to Korean fish-shaped bun. He is fascinated by her and visits her stall often. The two talk together and often hang out, but Koyomi gets in a car accident and is hospitalized. In a coma for days, she finally regains consciousness but suffers from temporary amnesia. Yukisuke tries to stay closest to her as before, but her past memories give him a hard time.
Director: Nakagawa Ryutaro
Also known as: Quiet Rain , Shizuka na Ame , Shizukana Ame

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