Legal High 2

Legal High 2

Now showing: Episode 10

Latest episode: 1098

Country: Japanese

Actors: Aragaki YuiKoyukiOkada MasakiSakai MasatoTaguchi Junnosuke

Genres: Comedy, Law

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Movie plot

Komikado-sensei is back!! And together with him, Mayuzumi and Hattori. This season, a new employee joins their team. Hanyu Haruki comes from a rich family. His father owns a highly profitable trading company, while his mother is a children’s books writer. Hanyu has lived in England, Saudi Arabia and USA, before returning to Japan to sit for his bar exam. After finishing his apprenticeship, he joins the Public Prosecutor department. To broaden his experience, Hanyu is loaned out to Komikado’s law firm

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