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Movie plot

Omnibus movie with 4 segments. A TIME TO LEAVE: One day mom asks her 4 daughters to come to the countryside where she’s staying. Once they all gather mom reveals that she gets cancel and doesn’t want to receive treatment. A GIRL AT THE BAR: The man who writes poetry and another man who is disabled try to win one girl’s heart who works at the bar. But they impose their views on her and she disputes their views. A REMAINING TIME: Steve, Korean-American, and So Yeon want to get married but they don’t get her father’s permission because of Steve’s unsettled life. They go see a fortune-teller and are told that they have to break up within 100 days otherwise they will both die. LIKE A FRENCH FILM: Soo Min has a crush on Ki Hong but is pulled this way and that. Soo Min’s sister advises him to stop seeing her. Soo Min thinks over it but when he gets a call from Ki Hong he goes to see her without hesitation.
Also known as: 프랑스 영화처럼 , Peurangseu Yeonghwacheoreom , Like a French Movie

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