Love Is The Best

Love Is The Best

Now showing: Episode 31

Latest episode: 313029

Country: Chinese

Actors: Du Rou XiShen TaiYan Kuan

Genres: Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

This is a heart-grabbing story of a contemporary sadomasochistic love that takes place in Yulin, Shanxi province of China. The female lead is an extremely good-natured woman who falls in love with the returning investor male lead from abroad. His personality can be described as being stubborn, overly sensitive, suspicious, and worrisome. During his school days, he had a regrettable encounter with the female lead’s older sister. He mistakenly believes that the female lead approached him because of his affluent background, and thus mistreats her. The female lead’s pure and innocent love eventually wins over his heart and her sister, as well, begins to walk towards a better path…

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