Memories of Love

Memories of Love

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Country: Chinese

Genres: Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

Based on a novel of the same name by writer Qing Shan Luo Tuo (青衫落拓), tell the story of a young couple who finds their love rekindled after being separated for ten years. In Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way, Wallace portrays Lu Fei, a seemingly perfect Prince Charming, who unexpectedly encounters the stubborn and rebellious young lady Xin Chen, played by Jiang Shuying. Despite their clashing personalities, they find themselvesdrawn to one another and eventually fall in love. However, they later separate, and it is not until ten years later, when Lu Fei lets go of his newly burgeoning company overseas and returns to search for Xin Chen, that they rediscover the meaning of their love.
Also known as:一路繁花相送, The Road to Bid Farewell is Filled with Flowers , Yi Lu Fan Hua Xiang Song , All Along the Way, Blooming Flowers Shall See Us Off , Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way

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