Min & Max (2016)

Min & Max (2016)

Country: Chinese

Actors: Godfrey Gao (1984)Vila Fan (1980)Wang Shui Lin

Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Romance

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Movie plot

Zhang Xiao is handsome, tall, and an extremely talented photographer at his university where all the girls fall for him. Xil Ling, known as an infamous tiny girl great at karate and 4 times in a row game championship winner, attends the same university. Zhang Xiao takes an interest in Xil Ling as a potential model for his photography, but they always fight every time they meet and quickly become dually infamous at their university because of their stark height difference while competing against each other in a basketball game. Slowly, Zhang Xiao begins to fall in love with Xil Ling, but Xil Ling has a secret… Will Zhang Xiao be able to win Xil Ling heart
Also known as: 最萌身高差 , 爱在2.5次元 ,

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