My Charming Villainous Emperor (2023)

My Charming Villainous Emperor (2023)

Now showing: Episode 24

Latest episode: 242322

Country: Chinese

Actors: Alex Sun (2000)Li Ben (1989)Maggie Chen (1990)Wang Lao Ji (GIEGIE) (1990)

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, investigation, Mystery, Romance, Web Series

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Movie plot

The drama tells the story of Qiao Qing Qing, a second-year forensic student, who accidentally encounters System Xiao Yi and becomes a script traveler. While on a mission to an unknown script, she becomes trapped inside and meets Yan Jun Huai, a character in the script.
(Source: Fresh Drama YouTube)
Episodes: 24

Also known as: 我迷人的反派皇帝 Wo Mi Ren De Fan Pai Huang Di My Charming Villain Emperor

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