Nezumi Edo wo Hashiru

Nezumi Edo wo Hashiru

Now showing: Episode 9

Latest episode: 987

Country: Japanese

Actors: Hamada MariKatase NanaKutsuna ShioriTakashima MasahiroTakizawa Hideaki

Genres: jidaigeki

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Movie plot

Under the rule of Shogun Ienari, the samurais and the townspeople are all discontented and grumbling about their lot in life. Amidst all these, there lives a man by the name of Jirokichi, popularly known as Nezumi Kozo. Jirokichi runs a bar with the help of his sister, Kosode. Unbeknownst to everyone, Jirokichi and Kosode are always helping the victimised weak and poor from being bullied by the evil rich. NHK
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