Problematic Men

Problematic Men

Now showing: Episode 211

Latest episode: 211210209

Country: Korean

Genres: Variety show

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Movie plot

The show will feature discussions on social issues. All participants are chosen as “men whose mind is sexy” according to tvN .
Jong Hyun Mu graduated from Yongse University,
Actor Ha Sok Jin graduated from the Khaniang University Engineering Faculty.
Kim Ji Sok is an actor who studied in the UK since childhood.
Lee Chan Won, a member of the Peppertones group, is famous for his Ph.D. in KAIST.
Tyler Rush, known as a participant in the “Abnormal Summit” show , is currently a graduate at Seoul National University. He is fluent in both English and Korean.
Rap Monster of the idol group BTS, has an IQ of 148. He also gets into 1% of gifted students on the basis of national test exams in high school.
Pak Kyung from the Block B group. His IQ is 156, is a member of Mensah (the most famous organization for people with high IQ).

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