Sunny Again Tomorrow

Sunny Again Tomorrow

Now showing: Episode 121

Latest episode: 121120119

Country: Korean

Actors: Choi Jae SungHa Seung RiJi Su WonJin Ju HyeongKim Myung SooKim Tae Min (1995)Lee Chang WookNam Neung MiSeo Hyun ChulSeol In A

Genres: Family, melodrama

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Movie plot

This drama centers around the life of high school graduate Kang Ha Ni and her family.
Kang Ha Ni (Sul In Ah) has been doing part-time jobs after graduating from high school. When she gets fired from a job at a TV shopping channel, she decides to start her own fashion business. Ha Ni becomes involved with Han Kyul, a merchandiser for the TV home shopping channel.
Also known as:Tomorrow is Sunny as Well

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