Sweet Relationship

Sweet Relationship

Now showing: Episode 26

Latest episode: 262524

Country: Taiwanese

Actors: Gu Xuan ChunKo AlanLai MeganLuo Bei AnWu MattZhou Vic

Genres: Romance

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Movie plot

The story revolves around two polar opposites who wouldn’t have met if it hadn’t been for luck. Chang Bai Hui (Patty Hou) is a simple girl with extraordinary taste when it comes to food and dining. She could tell the difference between fine dining and a poor cooked meal in an instant. Ever since she was little, food has been the center of her world. It celebrated her college graduation and consoled her when her beloved father died.Fang Zi Tian (Vic Chou) is a world renowned Chef who could have easily made headlines if he cared about it. He has an amazing cooking talent that sets him apart, and an ability to gain anyone’s respect in the cooking world. Yet, he found no joy in what he does.By stroke of fate, their paths cross several times. Though at first Zi Tian was less than pleased to have Bai Hui hanging around his life, he eventually grew to enjoy having her. Bai Hui’s arrival in his life not only reignites his passion for cooking but it also taught him countless lessons in life. Just like Zi Tian, though in a different manner, Bai Hui was also changed. She grew up and matured to understand the world better, but none were to happen if it hadn’t been for the help of those around them.

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