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Latest episode: 876

Country: Japanese

Actors: Izumi PinkoKyomoto MasakiOno YurikoYanagisawa Shingo

Genres: Mystery

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Movie plot

There are too many unforgivable people in this world. I shall defeat them in the name of God ~ Sana.Sana is a mysterious woman… in her body lives a female ninja who served a bushido from the Sengokujidai (Warring States era). When the bomb exploded, Sana suddenly finds herself in the year 2014. Murata Seiko stumbles upon Sana, and taking pity on her, takes her to her home to stay. Actually, Seiko’s daughter, Yukari, had mysteriously disappeared 24 years ago. Until today, Seiko has not had a satisfactory answer with regards to her daughter’s disappearance.
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