The Battle of Jangsari

The Battle of Jangsari

Country: Korean

Genres: Military, War

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Movie plot

A guerrilla army unit led by Captain Lee Myung Joon and 772 student soldiers, including Choi Sung Pil, are on the ship Moonsanho and their destination is Jangsari. Their mission is to deceive the North Koreans into thinking opposition forces would launch a decisive invasion there. The real invasion and battle will take place in Incheon one day later. The average age of the 772 student soldiers on the ship is 17 and they have had only 2 weeks of training. They try to land in Jangsari under a shower of bullets.
Also known as: 장사리 9.15 , Jangsa-ri 9.15 , Jangsari 9.15 , Jangsari: Forgotten Heroes , Jangsari: Yitheojin Youngwoongdeul , 장사리: 잊혀진 영웅들 , Battle of Jangsari

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