The Book of Corrections (Jingbirok)

The Book of Corrections (Jingbirok)

Now showing: Episode 50

Latest episode: 504948

Country: Korean

Actors: Kim Hye EunKim Sang JoongKim Tae WooLee Jae Yong

Genres: Historical

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Movie plot

Jingbirok, the name of a book written by real-life Joseon historian and scholar Ryu Seong Ryong, detailing the Imjin War (1592-1598). The drama will be a telling of historical events with the scholar as the central character, in the same vein as “Jeong Do Jeon” (who influenced the founding of the Joseon dynasty). Ryu Seong Ryong was an official who served during King Seonjo’s reign in the late 16th century. He was a brilliant Confucian scholar who was put in charge of military operations during the Imjin War, and greatly influenced Admiral Lee Soon Shin.

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