The Dreaming Man (2017)

The Dreaming Man (2017)

Country: Chinese

Genres: Comedy, Romance

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Movie plot

A romantic comedy following a kind young girl and the story that ignites because of a diamond ring. Wang Xiao He was orphaned from a very young age, and she has found a job in the city in order to earn money for college. She also harbors a crush on Zheng Tian Le. One day, she witnesses Tian Le being knocked unconscious by delinquents. She takes him to the hospital and gets mistaken for his fiancee because of a ring. She decides to go along with the story in order to stay by Tian Le’s side, inviting the suspicions of Tian Le’s brother Tian Chou.
Also known as: 假如王子睡着了 ; Jia Ru Wang Zi Shui Zhao Le , Er Jian Zhong Qing , Wu Long Wei Hun Qi , Ga Yu Wong Ji Seui Jau Liu , Yi Gin Jung Ching , Wu Lung Mei Fan Chai , 假如王子睡著了 , 二见钟情 , 乌龙未婚妻 , 二見鐘情 , 烏龍未婚妻

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