The Evidence Tells (2023)

The Evidence Tells (2023)

Now showing: Episode 32

Latest episode: 323130

Country: Chinese

Actors: Gao Ming YangLi Jia Xin (2000)Li Yuan (1984)Yuan Hao (1996)Zhao Cheng Shun (1956)

Genres: investigation, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Web Series

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Movie plot

Bai Lu is a police officer still devastated from the failure of an undercover operation. In the process of solving a case she meets the neurotic and talented forensic doctor Gu Yu. These two women with different personalities become deeply entangled in each others’ lives, and are bonded by a common goal of investigating and finding the truth. They, along with An Huai Yu, lead a team of young officers to unveil evil and maintain the dignity and integrity of their professions,
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Episodes: 32

Also known as: 消失的痕迹 消散的痕迹 Xiao San De Hen Ji Xiao Shi De Hen Ji Disappearing Traces Dissipated Traces

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