The Lapse

The Lapse

Country: Chinese

Actors: Dong Cheng Ming (1996)Estelle Chen (1997)

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller

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Movie plot

The boy’s memory remained unresolved. Chung Ming is a timid university student who gains super powers after an accident. However, parts of his memory disappear every time he uses his powers. Chung Ming’s crush Lin and good friend Hwei were there when the accident happened. The three hang out together, filming Chung Ming’s abilities and daily life on a smart phone. Despite his super power, Chung Ming is getting tired of the tough reality. Convinced by Hwei, Chung Ming decides to rob a cash delivery car…
Also known as: 超能少年事件 , choneungryeoksonyeonsageon , Super Juvenile Incident , 초능력소년사건

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