The Legend of Shanyu Town

The Legend of Shanyu Town

Country: Chinese

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

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Movie plot

In order to protect the elders of the family, Guo Er, the genius girl from Warrior League comes to Shan Yu Valley, a place where humans and mutants live together peacefully She comes across He Bi Qiang, a rogue who lives by his wits. Under the guidance of the Mediator, Gao Yao, the three of them are involved in a series of supernatural cases triggered by the ancient artifact Energy Crystal. While the love-hate relationship between Guo Er and He Bi Qiang escalates, He Bi Qiang dies unexpectedly and turns into a puppet for a fathomable adversary. Guo Er must release him from this spell.
Also known as: 山羽异闻 , Shānyǔ yì wén , The Legend of Shanty Town , Mountain Feather , Legend of Shanyu Town , Legend of Shan Yu Town , The Legend of Shan Yu Town

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