The Rope Curse 2

The Rope Curse 2

Country: Taiwanese

Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense

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Movie plot

“The Rope Curse 2” focuses on the Zhong Kui dance portion of the ritual, where a Taoist priest assumes the spirit of Zhong, a deity who is known for his abilities to vanquish evil spirits and ghosts. Other supernatural beliefs are added into the mix, including yizi gu divination practice through summoning the spirit of a murdered young girl as well as a spine-chilling dose of Thai black magic. The movie follows Huo Ge, who is a troubled man blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see supernatural beings. His spirit is broken after inadvertently killing his master, who taught him how to perform exorcisms. He begrudgingly agrees to play the part of Zhong Kui during a song rou zong ritual to save a village from a Thai spirit that is causing villagers to hang themselves.
Also known as: 粽邪2 , Kui Jiang : Zong Xie 2 , Kwai Gong : Jung Che 2 , Zong Xie 2: Kui Jiang , Jung Che 2: Kwai Gong , 粽邪2:馗降

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