The Sweet Love With Me Honey (2021)

The Sweet Love With Me Honey (2021)

Now showing: Episode 30

Latest episode: 302928

Country: Chinese

Actors: Parker Mao (1995)

Genres: Comedy, Romance

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Movie plot

Gu Hao Xuan, the leader of SD Group, became a worker at Cheng Ning Nang Animal Park many times because of his pet dog. With the help of his dog “Pluto” again and again, Gu Hao Xuan slowly fell in love with that sassy girl.
This drama will show how the animal park officer fights the leader and is something that will warm the hearts of the SD group leader!

Original Network: Youku;
Also known as: 顾少的小甜心 Gu Shao De Xiao Tian Xin

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