Welcome to the Guesthouse (2020)

Welcome to the Guesthouse (2020)

Country: Korean

Actors: Lee Hak Joo (1989)Shin Jae Hoon (1981)Shin Min Jae (1983)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

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Movie plot

Joon Geun, a university student who postponed his graduation to look for work, gets kicked out of the dormitory because he failed to apply for a winter semester. He has to get a part-time that provides room and board to survive the severe winter of Gangwon province. He accidentally finds a surfing guesthouse ‘Welcome Guesthouse’ and begs for a part-time although he has never surfed before. While he works there and learns how to surf, he picks a fight with a typical rich kid Seong Min on a lineup. They agree to settle a fight with a surfing match where the loser has to leave the sea. While Joon Geun trains with the help of Welcome Guesthouse season members, his advisor calls him and says there is a job interview on the day of the match. Joon Geun can’t make up his mind between the match and the interview and the clock is ticking.
Also known as: 어서오시게스트하우스 , eoseoosigeseuteuhauseu , Welcome Guest House

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