Your Laugh is Very Alluring (2021)

Your Laugh is Very Alluring (2021)

Now showing: Episode 30

Latest episode: 302928

Country: Chinese

Actors: Hillary Hao (1999)James ZhanSun Su YaWang Guan Peng (1995)

Genres: Cold Man, Drama, Historical, Medical, Time Travel, Web Series

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Movie plot

A 21st-century doctor fainted due to excessive fatigue and traveled to the kingdom of Xiyue as Gu Ming Yan, daughter of the prime minister. While Gu Ming Yan is getting used to that strange place, she met the cold-hearted second prince, Duan Cheng Xuan that has an incurable disease.
As the two getting close and fallen in love with each other, Gu Ming Yan promised Duan Cheng Xuan to cure his disease. Can Gu Ming Yan cure Duan Cheng Xuan’s incurable disease?
Director: Wang Yi Jie [王艺洁]
Also known as: 一笑倾城 一笑傾城 Yi Xiao Qing Cheng Yat Siu King Seng

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